Sizes pictured left to right:   Advantage (Hollow Stem), Speed, Small (Dance), Medium (Junior), and Large (Standard)
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Snyder Toe Stops

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Snyder toe stops are made in the USA from American raw rubber for the best pushing and stopping power available. Snyder roller skate toe stops offer ultra responsive, lots of spring and rebound, for artistic and derby skating. Made with a carefully machined 5/8" aluminum stem for strength.

Sizes pictured left to right: 

Advantage (Hollow Stem), Speed, Small (Dance), Medium (Junior), and Large (Standard)

Important care for your toe stops: it is always best to lightly grease the stems of your toe stops before screwing them into your skate’s plate. This dramatically helps to prevent cross-threading as well as the possibility of the toe stop getting stuck in the plate if jammed over time. Bearing lube is perfect for greasing your toe stops!