Q: Do you ship internationally?

We strongly encourage skaters to support their local skate vendors and purchase roller skates from a retailer in your region. If you are unable to locate skates in your region our customer service team is happy to connect you with your local retailers. 

If you would like to purchase other items such as apparel, accessories, tools, or safety equipment, here are some things to know about international orders with Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop:

*The shipping and handling may be more expensive so we recommend checking in with your local shops first

*The time frame we provide is our best *estimate* for delivery but we can’t truly guarantee a time frame for international deliveries due to customs, delays, etc.

*Some countries will charge the receiver a customs fee for out of country purchases before delivering a package. Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop is not responsible for extra customs fees.

*We’ve provided a customs calculator at checkout so that you can anticipate what these taxes may look like!

*All of our prices are displayed in US Dollars (USD). The order total will be converted to your local currency after checkout so you may way want to double check your order total in your local currency before finalizing your purchase.

*We will not alter the price of merchandise on any invoice or customs documentation. All products will be shipped as merchandise.

*We are unable to ship Moxi / Riedell items to Australia and New Zealand

Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop does NOT ship to 3rd party international relay services. We have 0 tolerance policy for relay services. If we suspect your are using a service we will cancel your order immediately.

We do not offer returns/exchanges on international orders. 

Pigeon Skates does not offer international warranties for any skates/skate accessories. This includes, but is not limited to: Riedell skates, Moxi Skates, Sure-Grip Skates etc.

We encourage purchasing your skates from your local skate shop.

For the most accurate customs estimates be sure to contact your local post office or customs office with your questions.

Q: When will my package get here? Can you tell me the status of my order? 

If you’ve just placed an order in the past two weeks, have purchased a product that is a “pre-order”, or are just really excited and want to see how everything is going with your order...PLEASE do not email us for an update.

We understand that you are stoked about your purchase and are anxious to get rolling but to provide individual status updates to every order is actually prolonging our ability to send you your items! 

Our number one priority at this time is to get your orders in the mail. To ensure that we’re able to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible we are not able to respond to status request emails. Customers who insist on overwhelming our inbox with multiple status requests will have the order canceled and immediately refunded. This does NOT mean you can't email us, but please refrain from opening multiple email threads for a status update.

Q: Can I combine shipping on two or more of my orders?

No. Multiple orders can not be combined. Please be sure to order all items that you wish to purchase in a single order.

Q: Can I place an order over the phone?
We can only accept orders placed through the website. If you’re having trouble accessing the site for any reason, please reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to help.

Q: How Can I Track My Order?

A: You can track your order and deliveries by logging in to your Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop account. As your items are packed and shipped we are uploading tracking information to your order. If you do not see any tracking information, it is likely that your order is still being processed. You will receive a separate email from Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop once your order ships. We recommend double-checking your spam folder for order and tracking updates from Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop. If an order includes multiple items, your order may arrive in several packages. 


Q: What if my skates aren’t the right size?

A: As long as you haven't skated in them, we are happy to help you exchange your skates for the correct size! We can cover the cost of shipping for the new pair, but you will have to cover the cost of shipping the old ones back to us. Unfortunately, if you are international the cost of shipping is too high to do an exchange unless you pay for the entire cost.

Q: I messed up! Can I change my order?

A: Email our customer service team and we will try our best to help you change your order within 48 hours! We can not guarantee any changes to an order, even within 48 hours. Any changes to size, color, style after 48 hours will not be accepted. The order will have to be canceled and reordered. 

Q: I messed up! Can I cancel my order?

A: Send us an email through our contact page and we’ll help you out! If the customer service team has begun fulfillment on your order we cannot guarantee the cancellation of your order. If you’ve already received a tracking number, you will have to wait until your product is delivered and then ship the item back to us. You will need to cover the cost of shipping to cancel the order. Only once the item is received will a refund be issued. 

Q: Can I return my order? How can I return make skates and/or accessories?

A: Yes, but you MUST speak with the customer service team to confirm your return or exchange! Check out our return guidelines to see if your items are eligible for a return/exchange.


Q: I’m broke, how do I get cheap skates?

A: There are lots of ways to get skates when you’re on a budget! We recommend checking your local thrift shops, community databases like Craigslist, or checking Facebook groups like Roller Derby Recyclables and Second Chance Skates. There’s a TON of second-hand equipment out there, you don’t have to look far. If they roll, they work, you don’t need a super nice set up to get started!