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Custom Shoe Skate Build


Bont Quad Star Boots - PURPLE


Bont Quad Star Boots - RED


ParkStar Hybrid Roller Skates -RED


ParkStar Hybrid Roller Skates - TEAL PINK


ParkStar Hybrid Roller Skates - PINK


Grindstone Smokeshow Wheels - HYBRID 92A


Impala Skateboard - BABY GIRL CRUISER


Impala Skateboard - RETRO LONGBOARD


Impala Skateboard - SATURN TRICK


Impala Skateboard - ATHENA CRUISER


Bont Quad Star Boots - BLACK SIZE 5


ParkStar Hybrid Roller Skates - PURPLE


Moxi Jack Neo Package -POPPY LEOPARD


Moxi Jack Neo Package - LILAC LEOPARD