Works real goos

You can skate indoors in any skates you want, here it's all about the wheels! Seasoned rink skaters usually prefer to skate on smaller sized wheels made of a hard material. The small diameter helps to make dance moves and spins much easier, while the harder compound will keep your wheels sliding so you don't catch an edge. Check out the list of indoor setups we've selected for you!

Outdoor skates are made for miles! A good outdoor setup will generally have larger and softer wheels, a taller ankle, and a durable comfy boot. The big softies absorb road vibrations and help you roll over cracks and bumps on the path. We recommend suede boots because they're classic, comfortable, and durable - but there are many great affordable (and vegan) alternatives!

Derby skates have a low ankle so you can get nice and leany in the turns, and stiff soles for full control and sensitivity on the track. Derby players will often set their skates up with massive toe-stops for maximum stopping power, so any good derby skate will come with a plate that accommodates an adjustable toe stop. Remember, we offer a whole bunch of custom derby packages so you can color coordinate with your team!

Park skates are made to take a beating. In order have full control in the bowl and and maximum sensitivity on the rails, most park skaters like a mid-tall height stiff boot. Wheel choice is important in the park too! Most park skaters like a small, hard wheel - just like rink skaters! The difference is park wheels will often be rounded or chamfered, reducing bite further and improving sliding charactrerstics. 






      Moxi Lolly Roller Skates - POPPY


      Impala Rollerskates - LEOPARD


      Custom Moxi Lolly Package - Complete Skate Build


      Sure-Grip Boardwalk - RED - SIZE 9


      Sure-Grip Fame Skates - BLACK - SIZE 6


      Moxi Rainbow Rider PINK *BLEM* - SIZE 9


      Impala Roller Skates - CHERRY