How Do I Put My Toe Covers or Toe Caps On?

by Caroline Millicent on May 01, 2020

Toe covers are a great protective piece that can add fun or flare to your skates. Here's how you put them on by yourself at home.

(These are instructions for putting on TOE COVERS or TOE CAPS, not BOOT COVERS which are an L shaped bootie made out of stretchy or glittery fabric. Click here to learn how to put on skate covers.)

To do this you will need: A skate tool for skates with adjustable toe stops (we like the Powerdyne's Y3 Tool) or a Phillips/Flat Head screwdriver if you have a non-adjustable toe stop or bolt-on toe stop.

To remove your toe stop, turn your skate tool to your left. Remember, "righty tighty, lefty loosey."

If your toe stops are adjustable, unscrew the toe stop nut and combed washer all the way off and remove. If your toe stops are non-adjustable, you can leave the bolt on or in the toe stop.

Put your toe cap or toe strap top side up (that means the side with the holes for your laces to lace through at the top) with the fabric right side up and insert your toe stop stem into the cut out or hole in the fabric so that the bottom of the toe stop or flat part of the rubber is facing you. 

If you toe stops are adjustable, screw the toe stop nut and combed washer all the way on to the point on the threads or lines on the stem of the toe stop that you like. (the standard for stem length is about four lines exposed though this is a preferential choice) If you toe stops are non-adjustable simply pull the bolt through the cut out in the toe cover or strap.

Now you're ready to go in and tighten moving your tool to the right (either skate tool or screwdriver).

Once your toe stops are tightened all the way down, go ahead and pull your laces out of your roller skate boots. Match the eyelets with your skate boot eyelets, and pull your laces through!

Lace all the way up, and you're ready to roll!

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