How Do I Put My Skate Covers On?

by Caroline Millicent on May 01, 2020

Skate covers are like leg warmers... but way better! They're a fun way to change up the look or appearance of your roller skate boot without changing anything permanently. Think of these like a huge, fun and fashionable protective sticker for your skates.

(This question addresses how to put SKATE BOOT COVERS on which are L shaped pieces of fabric, often made out of spandex or glittery fabric, not TOE CAPS which are a piece of textile such as suede or leather either shaped like a cup or shaped like a strap to protect your toes from scuffing or marking. Click here to learn how to put toe caps on.

SO... you're standing outside of your front door and you have your skates and some handy awesome new skate boot covers that you ordered from us.

Skate boot covers are shaped like the letter L. Pull the longer sided top of the letter L open and insert one of your feet. After you've put one of your feet in, roll up the skate boot cover onto the middle of your calf. 

After you've rolled the boot cover up, put one of your feet into your skate boots and you're ready to lace up! After you're all laced up, unroll the boot cover and pull it down over your roller skate boot. Pull the shorter part of the letter L over the toe of your skate boot and the elastic should sit nice and snug under the base of your skate boot. (the base here is just the boot. Don't pull the boot cover to try and get it to touch further than the sole of your skate boot as this may damage the boot cover) Do the same to the back of the boot cover, at the base of the heel in the same fashion as described for the toe.

Repeat on the other foot, and you've successfully put on your fabulous skate covers!