★ Twinkle Toes Star Stops - PURPLE TEAL SWIRL - Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop
★ Twinkle Toes Star Stops - PURPLE TEAL SWIRL - Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop
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★ Twinkle Toes Star Stops - PURPLE TEAL SWIRL

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Adjustable/Standard 5/8 stem



Formulated from a natural rubber compound designed for high-level performance on various surfaces. High abrasion resistance contributes to a longer-lasting toe stop.


  • CONTACT PATCH: Slightly raised contact patch (middle circle of the star): strongest and thickest part of the toe stop, as well as the area intended to make first contact with the ground during use
  • TAPERED POINTS: Each point is tapered off 2-3mm from inside to outside edges/towards tip ends, positioning the more vulnerable parts of the shape higher from the ground and pointed away from contact patch in center.
  • STEMS: 20mm anodized aluminum stems. This is a mix between standard short and long stem lengths (average short stem length: 17mm; average long stem length: 30mm). Twinkle Toes stems aim for a happy medium. :)
  • COMPATIBILITY: The standard screw-in stem type (as shown in images), is not compatible with skates/plates with a bolt-on toe stop design. *This includes Impala Roller Skates :( Standard threading (will not work with metric equipment/skate parts).

Important care for your toe stops: it is always best to lightly grease the stems of your toe stops before screwing them into your skate’s plate. This dramatically helps to prevent cross-threading as well as the possibility of the toe stop getting stuck in the plate if jammed over time. Bearing lube is perfect for greasing your toe stops!