Sure-Grip Fame Outdoor Skates - WHITE
Fame *OUTDOOR* Skate Package - White - Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop
Sure-Grip Fame Outdoor Skates - WHITE

Sure-Grip Fame Outdoor Skates - WHITE

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Please note that this skate is sent directly from the manufacturer and will be fulfilled with FedEx tracking.

**Due to a massive wheel shortage in the skate industry, your skates may come with boardwalk or black aerobic wheels (85a) depending on what is available. We can not guarantee which of the two wheels will come on your order.** Both wheels can be used for outdoor use. 

A classic! Beautiful white skates with pink Boardwalk outdoor wheels! A fantastic all around outdoor skate for anyone trying to learn or for an experienced skater who wants a more sturdy boot. This package includes:

-White Vinyl Vegan Boot

-Rolled collar for comfort

-Lightweight reliable Nylon Rock plate with adjustable toe stops

-Magenta Boardwalk 78a Outdoor Wheels 

Good for Distance, Dance, Ramp, Casual Skating, etc! 


These skates come in men's sizing only, but they are unisex. 

We suggest ladies go down 2-2.5 in size. For example, if you are a Women's 8-8.5, you would need to order a Men's 6.