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Brunny Hardcore P.O. BLOCK 3056 - KING COBRA

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Brunny Hardcore brings you King Cobra! Brunny's first-ever signature product in partnership with team skater Carolina Hernández!

The Brunny P.O. Blocks 3056 V1.2 are designed for skaters of all skill levels from beginner to expert shredder to send it. The P.O. Blocks 3056 V1.2 aim to get you stalling, sliding and grinding with confidence and security. The design of the P.O. Blocks 3056 V1.2 delivers a wide surface area for stability and control, smooth edges to eliminate wheel bite and a curvature to lock into the coping. Using the slickest material known to humankind, these blocks will have you sliding with ease, and sending it with steeze. 

Click here for the block size to the plate size compatibility chart

We are pleased to say the P.O. Blocks 3056 are compatible with 20degree plates, but you will need a bit of elbow grease to bend the end of the hanger to install it properly.

Please check plate compatibility before purchasing or skating your blocks. If the P.O. Blocks 3056 V1.2 are not right for your skates, we are not able to refund you if the blocks are not in their original condition.

Happy Shredding!!