If I Wear a Size 13 in Shoes What Size Skate Do I Order?

by Caroline Millicent on May 01, 2020

If you're a size 13 in shoes there's a very high likelihood that you're still growing. For folks who's feet are still changing in size, we recommend going a size up to get maximum use and wear out of the skate, which means more often than not you or your parents should order a size 1.

The size up rule is discretionary, as technically the way that you want your skates to fit is as snug as possible (so toes right up front at the end of the boot) without being painful for uncomfortable. This is a bit tricky when you're growing really fast as a kid! Which is why we like to play by this rule when we first try on our skates at home:

Have a parent slip their first two fingers behind the heel of the unlaced skate. If the foot scoots forward at all leaving space behind the fingers, it is too much to be used. If the two fingers fit behind the heel comfortably without making any room behind them, this is just right and okay for use. Extra space in the toe should not exceed a half inch, as more than that starts to become dangerous and tough to use for the wearer. The skates might not last so long if theres less than a quarter inch of room in the toe, so just be aware of that for a reduced use kind of fit.