What's My Moxi Beach Bunny Size?

by Caroline Millicent on June 21, 2020

Sizing for the Moxi Beach Bunny skates runs like this:

If you're figuring out your skate size based off of your women's shoe size it is about a half to full size down from your regular shoe size based on the shape of your fit (so they run on the bigger side) or your regular men's shoe size can also be used.

These skates are also made out of a very thick vegan vinyl synthetic material that will feel a bit stiffer on the sides or less flexible than other kinds of skates at first. Because of this, you can expect your break-in to be a bit longer or maybe a little more pinchy on the sides.  

You might also want to read up on our response to the question "How should my roller skates fit?" for a full breakdown of correct skate fit. :)