9 Gift Ideas For Roller Skaters

by Michelle Check on December 10, 2019

Trying to nail the perfect skater gift? Don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? You came to the right place! We know gift-giving can be tricky so we’ve put together a list of our top ten absolute favorite gifts for roller skaters! This gift guide will get you through any skater birthday, anniversary, or holiday :D

1. This may be the most obvious item but we have to say it: Roller Skates! Roller skates will definitely be at the top of your skater’s wish list! Our top picks are:

*Moxi Lolly Roller Skates (starts at $299 USD) - The Moxi Lolly is a well made, quality roller skate that comes in a full spectrum of colors. This skate is great for both indoor and outdoor skating and will complement a variety of skill levels.  


*Sure-Grip Fame Skates (starts at $134.95 USD) - An excellent entry-level skate that we love for both rink and outdoor skating! This is an especially awesome skate for anyone with a wider foot or looking for a vegan skate option.


*Impala Roller Skates (starts at $99) - Extremely affordable and super stylish! The Impala Roller Skate is the perfect beginner skate for first-time skaters trying to get all the feels on wheels.

    Looking for more skate recommendations? Check out our list of 10 Best Outdoor Roller Skates For Beginners.

    2. Whether or not your skater knows it, helmets are one of the most important skate accessories to add to their gear collection. Helmets start at $60 and come in a HUGE variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Not only are they stylish, but all of our helmets are also CPSC and ASTM certified to ensure total protection.


    3. The best way to guarantee a long and happy skate career is to grab some safety gear and pad up! We have a growing collection of Junior and Adult 3-pack pad sets which include knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Some of are favorite picks are:

    *Smith Scabs Adult 3-Packs ( starts at $44.95 USD) 


    *Moxi x 187 Skate Pads ( $74.95 USD) 

    4. The inevitable side effect of this hobby is that your skater ends up carrying around lots of little items that are easy to lose! That’s why Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop loves gifting skate bags to hold off of this awesome gear! Some of the handiest bag options we offer are the Sun Jellies tote bagsPacer skate bags, and the Radar wheel bag.


    5. Light up your skater’s skate night with the oh-so-popular Luminous wheels! The Luminous wheels are easily one of the hottest ticket items at Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop. They come in SO MANY COLORS which you can mix and match to create your own color combo.

    6. This next item makes the perfect gift because you never want to buy them for yourself but you always need ‘em: bearings! They are a skate essential which no skater can roll without! We love the Kwik Zenith BearingsQube Teal, and Bones Red Bearings 


    Pro tip: Add speed cream and bearing tank for maintenance! Check out our blog on bearing maintenance for more info.

    7. The easiest way to freshen up your skaters set up is to gift them a new pair of skate laces! Only $9 a set and offered in every color imaginable. Pro tip: most high top/artistic skate boots need at least 96” of lace.

    8. No skater can have too many fresh pairs of socks on hand, that’s why we own a million pairs of Skatersocks! Keeping skater feet cozy and colorful for only $9 a pair. 


    9. This fail-proof gift idea makes transporting skates between activities totally painless: Skate leashes! Available in a huge selection of colors and prints.




    For all of our skaters following along, what is YOUR idea of the perfect skate gift? Let us know in the comments below! Later skaters!


    by Rita Rickman on July 12, 2021

    grew up skating, remember roller Town in my local area. On Saturday and Sunday. Loved it 56 age and I still want to skate.

    by Dior on April 22, 2020

    Can you do a review of Rio Roller skates?


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