10 Best Outdoor Roller Skates for Beginners!

by Michelle Check on May 23, 2019


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So: you’re ready to buy your very first pair of roller skates. You’re dying to get out of those rink rentals and have bookmarked a million skate reviews. You’ve researched yourself silly and it feels like the more you read, the less you know.

Where do you even begin?

A question we get all the time is what are the best roller skates for beginners? Rest assured, this isn’t an easy question. To help you with your first skate purchase, Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop has put together the most comprehensive skate guide of 2019. We have aggregated *tons* of information from skater’s comments and feedback to steer you towards the best skate for your style and budget. Whether you’re looking for derby skates or just want to cruise the boardwalk in some classic high-tops (or don’t even know what kind of skate you’re looking for!) we’re here to get you rolling.

These are our favorite recommendations from new and experienced skaters alike so that you can make the most informed purchase :-D

(Look for the ""  symbol for our favorite *vegan* skates!)


Pictured: The Moxi Lolly Roller skate which is one our top ten roller skates for beginners!

Shop the Moxi Lolly here!

Starting off with our most popular quad skate, we’ve got the Moxi Lolly. Not only is the Lolly a fan favorite, this is the OG recreational skate that repopularized outdoor roller skating. Offered in a delicious assortment of colors like Honeydew, Clementine, and Pineapple, the Lollies are super cute, super comfy, and a GREAT first roller skate. The stock Lolly package comes equipped with the Moxi Classic (a.k.a. “Gummy”) wheels which are perfect for outdoor cruising. Bonus points for being made in the USA!

Price: $299 USD

Sizes: US Men’s 4-10 (available in half sizes for a small upgrade fee.)

Material: Suede

Colors: Strawberry (pink), Floss (mint), Pool Blue (blue), Poppy (red), Taffy (purple), Pineapple (yellow), Fuchsia, Clementine (orange), and Honeydew (pale green).

Wheels: Soft/ outdoor 78a hardness/durometer

Pro Tip: The Lollies are one of the most sought after boots on the market! You’ll need to join a waitlist to insure the availability of your preferred color/size. 


Pictured: The Blue Sky Beach bunny which is one of our top ten roller skates for beginners!

Shop the Moxi Beach Bunny HERE!

The Moxi Beach Bunny offers new skaters that signature Moxi flare without breaking the bank. Its firm vinyl boot provides extra ankle support makes this skate the #1 choice for new park, street, and rec skaters alike. Finished with a custom printed moisture-wicking Dri-Lex™ interior and contrasting sparkle laces, there’s no doubt that this Moxi boot holds its own in the Moxi line.

Price: $149 USD

Sizes: US Men’s 1-10

Material: Drum-Dyed Vinyl / VEGAN!

Colors: Blue Sky, Peach Blanket, and Periwinkle Sunset

Wheels: Soft/outdoor 78A hardness/durometer

Pro Tip: Add on Moxi Classic wheels to your order--the hubless BB wheels have been known to slow your roll!


Pictured: The Impala Holographic Quad Roller Skate which is one of our top 10 best outdoor roller skates for beginners.

Find your Impalas HERE!

The Impalas are the perfect combination of aesthetic and affordability and are by far the coolest skate on a budget! We love that this package comes ready to roll with an aluminum plate and soft outdoor wheels. While the stock wheels are decent they’re definitely worth upgrading after you get more comfortable on your skates.  

Check in with your local retailer about the sizes/colors that are available--these skates are so hot they don’t stay on the shelves for long.

Price: $95-$100 USD

Sizes: US Women’s 1-14 (depending on colorway)

Materials: Vinyl /  VEGAN!

Colors: Black, Aqua, White, Purple, Holographic, Leopard Print, and Pink!

Wheels: Soft/outdoor 82A

Pro Tip: The Impalas are a narrow boot! While they’ll break in after some skate time they’re not ideal for super wide feet.


Check out our full collection of Stardust Skates HERE!

Without a doubt the most photogenic skate on this list. These skates were designed with aesthetic as the main attraction but for what you’re sacrificing in comfort you’re making up in sparkle!

Price: $169 USD

Sizes: Blue, Pink, Gold 3-9. Black US Men’s 4-11

Material: Glitter vinyl

Colors: Pink sparkle, blue sparkle, gold sparkle, and black sparkle.


Pictured: The white Sure-Grip Fame skate which is one our favorite roller skates for beginners AND it's vegan!

Shop the Sure-Grip Fame Skates HERE!

Pigeon’s choice for a wide-foot skate! A lot of entry level skates can be uncomfortably narrow but The Sure-Grip Fame skates are *super* comfy for anyone needing a wider boot. The Sure-Grip Fame boot offers a rolled collar (+100 comfy points), padded tongue, and overall solid support without being too stiff. The best thing about this package? This skate is almost always in stock and Sure-Grip is super quick to ship. AND they’re Vegan!

Price: $179.95

Sizes: Jr 9 - US Men’s 14

Material: Vinyl / VEGAN

Colors: Black and white

Wheels: Soft/outdoor

Pro Tip: The Fame package has a short wheel base. What does that mean? This is a great plate for dance skating! The shorter wheelbase is extremely responsive which may feel a little squirrely if you’re trying to skate ramps or plan on long-distance skating. 

Pictured: White Crazy Disco quad roller skate!

Shop the Crazy Disco Skate HERE!

Our most popular kids skate! The Crazy Skates Disco will make you feel fabulous with glitter wheels, glitter rainbow laces and glitter toe stops. Probably the most epic part of this skate is the colorful LED star inlaid into the boot. And for those adults who want to roll with a little more flash and glamor, the Disco Skate is available up to a US Men’s 8.5/ Women’s 9.5!

Price: $99 USD

Sizes: US Men’s 2-8.5

Material: Vinyl / VEGAN

Colors: White

Wheels: Soft/outdoor 58x32mm Glitter Urethane Wheels

Dusty pink Sure-Grip quad roller skate


Shop the full Boardwalk line HERE!

Looking for a colorful suede boot but don’t have the $$ for a big brand name? Roll out with a Sure-Grip Boardwalk skate. This all suede boot is cute, comfortable, and reliable for anyone just beginning their roller skating adventures.

Price: $179 USD

Sizes: US Men’s 4-10

Material: Suede

Colors: Red, purple, pink, and teal

Wheels: Soft/Outdoor 78A


Pictured: Chaya Melrose turquoise quad roller skate

Shop the Chaya collection HERE!

The Chaya Melrose is one of our most underrated skate options. They are super accessible to both international and US based skaters, come in a wide variety of colors, and are crazy comfortable. And to top it off: fast shipping!

Price: $99USD-$127.95

Sizes: US Women’s 5-11

Material: Vinyl / VEGAN

Colors: Black, turquoise, purple, peach, sea foam, lavender, and white.


Shop the Candi Girl Carlins HERE!

For $99 dollars it doesn’t get much better than this! The quality of the Candi Girl’s stock parts makes this one of the best roller skates for newbies. The Candi Girl has a fast, reactive metal plate, actual urethane wheels, and a quality leather boot. The boot is firm yet comfortable but if you’ve got a wider foot you’re definitely going to need some break in time with these.

Price: $99 USD

Sizes: US  Women’s 3-11

Material: Suede

Colors: Periwinkle, sea foam, and pink berry.

Pro Tip: The toe stop will work but definitely worth an upgrade!


Wanna know more about our top ten favorite outdoor skates? Let us know in the comments below!


** Click here to check out our 2021 version of 10 Best Outdoor Roller Skates For Beginners**

by Haunani on July 03, 2020

Hi….Im looking to buy some quad skates for outdoor use here in Hawaii and Im wondering what you would recommend. I have never been on skates before, in my 40s and my balance isn’t as good as it use to be. I want a comfortable boot and something that makes the ride as easy and smooth so I don’t get discouraged. I am a size 8 and have a sort of wide foot but not too wide.

by Tom Armstrong on July 02, 2020

I may be mistaking, but it appears that most of your advertising and commentary is directed to female skaters. That’s ok, but please give some info regarding equipment etc and info for males. When I first started following you I thought everything was for females. What did I miss?
Please don’t take this as an unfair criticism, I’m new to skating a very interested to become a senior skater.
Looking forward to your response.

by Hannabanna on July 02, 2020

Be never gotten a pair of skates before, so I’m a noob. What is the absolute cheapest, good quality skates you can recommend? I’m trying to keep the price low because I have to pay for the helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards as well, thank you so much!!

by Laly on May 20, 2020

Which skates would be the best for skate park like ramps and stuff including outdoor skating? Would it be the moxi lollys or the beach bunny skates, please let me know thanks

by Jayne Stadames on May 12, 2020

Hi, I live in the U.K., I’m planning on commuting to work. The roads and pavements aren’t veg smooth and it’s a 12 mile round trip. Could you advise me what skate I should use. Thank you so much xx

by Iris Chen on May 07, 2020

I’ve heard that the nylon plate that comes with the outdoor lolly’s is a little too bendy and long for dancing. Can you recommend a better plate and wheels as well to switch out but keep the same boot? Thanks!!

by Ash on April 30, 2020

What are your favorite/top recommended outdoor wheels? I love my Moxi classics, but I feel like they still trip up on the roads around where I live.

by Gabriela on April 22, 2020

Question I just bought some C7 skates tbh haven’t heard of them not sure how good they are for out door, I wanted the beach bunny skates but y’all out… I was eager and couldn’t wait. Are the C7 premium skates a mistake?

by Rosalind on October 11, 2019

If I am a woman that wears a 9.5 shoe would my skate be a 10 ? and not a 9 correct. I never see a 9.5 roller skate online for women. They only come in whole sizes correct?

by Tifani on October 11, 2019

I got a pair of glitter skates from a company called Skate Gear, are those okay for beginners? I can skate sorta ish, I just wanted my own pair finally lol

by Caprice on October 11, 2019

Hi i just ordered my first pair, the candi grl sabina skates 😍 but I’m having difficulty finding reviews on them. Just wondering if your review on the candi grl skates includes those also.

by Shelia on October 11, 2019

It would be great if you guys did a Lolly skate combination.. i.e
Different Laces,toe cover, wheel color combo’s for those of us (me) that spend hrs trying to accomplish a fun look- and list the actual color & wheel names. PAHLEEZE LADIES

by Lindsay M on October 11, 2019

I just got a brand new pair of impalas and the front wheels on my right skate are not straight and I keep getting pulled to the left because of it. Is there any way for me to fix this without having to go to my local skating rink? My friend had the same issue when she first got her Moxi beach bunnies but she went to the skating rink to get them fixed, the only issue is that out skating rink is across town.

by Beej on October 11, 2019

Looks like once again there’s not much cute stuff out there for big feet, regardless of width. How do I put pressure on makers to make sizes above womens 11? I’m a 12, and I refuse to be condemned to boring black and white! I want glitter! I want pink! I want moxis! :s

by Elizabeth on July 09, 2019

I have a question… how come the Moxi Jack Boot didn’t make the list? Isn’t it supposed to be an upgraded version of the Moxi Lolly? Also, would you be able to do a list with the best indoor skates?

by Dalynn on May 29, 2019

I am in week two of skating and it’s been real hot in the south. At 30 I decided to do something new, and tho I have inline and ice skated, I wanted to try quads. I love my moxis so far. They were expensive but I figure get something that’s actually comfortable! My current goal is to get off my hill and to the park. Follow my journey at @moxibonez on ig. I love to see others progress as well so I will follow back.

by Julie on May 28, 2019

Thank you for this list! I would love to see video reviews of the Sure Grip Boardwalk & Stardust skates! Also maybe a list of skates that are ideal for wide feet? :D

by Ruth Rodriguez on May 28, 2019

So I just bought the candi girl skates! I did get a new toe stop, so far I can see the difference in toe stops just by the feel of the surface! Can’t wait to try these cuties out! I’m a complete begginer and ive only Roller skated 2 times in my life but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it quickly! Follow me @ruths_roller_skate_journey on insta to see me useing my skates and skate progress!

by Amanda on May 28, 2019

Hi, thanks for the great info. I have just started skating and bought myself some Tempish Nessie’s, I would be interested to know what you think of these skates? I have a wide foot and a high arch but find these comfy enough (still breaking them in) they are a suede boot with an Alu plate and were £80

by Teri McGann on May 28, 2019

I bought the Sure Grip Boardwalk before I found out about PRS! I have not skated in years. My balance is a little off from what I remembered, but I am older too. Squirrelly would be an appropriate word as used describe another Sure Grip skate. Being new to skating, I’m not really sure how the ‘should’ fit. I have a high arch and normal width foot. These feel tight beyond snug. The description of the Lolly’s comfort (and the Jack boot’s also) has me casting a longing eye to the future!

by Gecko on May 28, 2019

I’ve been skating on some old indoor skates passed down to me for about a month. Really glad you’ve made this post since I’ve been researching some good outdoor skates I can get. Can’t wait to start my skate journey!!

by Jari Trygg on May 28, 2019

Hi. I just bought new roller skates. Chaya Kismet Barbie Lu Quad Roller skates. I love them.


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