Why The Sure-grip “Fame” Is Famous!

by Olivia Crosby on April 22, 2020

Not all that glitters is gold, and not everything vinyl is cheap! There are a plethora of vinyl skates out there so how does one tell one white skate from the next? With so many people ordering online that “touch, feel, see for yourself” experience just isn’t an option. So if I can’t give you the good ‘ol foot test I’ll give you the next best thing! Here’s the break down of the Sure-Grip Fame skate and all the reasons it’s oh-so-famous!

It’s no secret that the Sure-Grip Fame is a Pigeon Skates favorite! Next to the Moxi Lolly, it’s one of our top-selling skates! Innovators of the industry, Sure-Grip has been producing legendary skates since 1945, and as much as their skates were unique decades ago, the Fame skate stands out in our current market for a few major reasons:

  • These skates are ALWAYS in stock. That’s just good business. 
  • The Sure-Grip Fame the widest size selection around with standard sizes ranging from a junior’s 8 to a men’s 14 at no additional cost! 
  • They are the only vinyl skate recommend for a wider foot and come in traditional US men’s shoe sizes. They run a tad large so we recommend sizing two full shoe sizes down if you’re converting from a US woman’s shoe size.
  • The shorter wheelbase makes it a perfect dance skate 
  • The boot offers the highest level of padding which includes a rolled cuff for optimal comfort.  

Beating out the Candi Grl Carlin and Sure-Grip Boardwalk skates that are both made out of suede, the Fame is considered to be a higher grade skate because of its top tier stock accessories, specifically the lightweight nylon Rock plate (that you can get in any color you want!) and the quality outdoor wheels and bearings which you won’t need to change in order for your skates to roll. Literally, the only downfall to this skate is its color options. Available in only black and white, the Fame may lack shock value but most definitely has a long-lasting value that’s worth the limitations. I’m sorry but with the wild variety of colorful skate accessories like toe guards, jazzy laces, and colorful toe stops there’s no excuse to downgrade. Save yourself the time and trouble and go with quality.

So, in the end, I guess you’re just gonna have to ask yourself what you want out of your skate. How invested are you? How long do you expect it to last? How far do you expect it to take you on your way to meet your skate goals? Whether you’re vegan or just trying to ball on a budget, this crowd-pleaser is here for everyone to enjoy! Indoor, outdoor, in the rink, or out to explore. Although the Fame is a lower-priced skate my professional experience has shown me that it requires no sacrifice of comfort or performance. 

by Naj on July 02, 2020

I love these and can’t wait to get a pair but I am also interested in the Sure-Grip Stardust Black Sparkle Skate. I just really need help to figure out the difference because I love the black sparkle Stardust but I love the quality on the Fame skates. I really need help…

by Megan on July 02, 2020

Hi! I just want to double check on size :) So if I’m a women’s 6/6.5 I should order a size 4?

by rita on May 07, 2020

i like the white.

by Sara on May 07, 2020

My Fames came in a few days ago, and I love ’em! Easy ride, easy navigation. I currently have 7.5 solaris for derby, so I ordered these in a size 7 …and they fit just peachy.

by Nikki Marie on May 03, 2020

I want to buy these, but it seems as if all of your tools are out of stock and I can’t find the same tools anywhere else. What other tools would work with these skates?

by Katherine on April 27, 2020

Just ordered a pair based on this video and your previous blog posts. I can’t wait for them to come in!

by Kelly on April 27, 2020

just ordered these in a size 6, and i’m a street shoe 7.5…do you think i should go down to a size 5? thank you for this post!! so good!


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