All About the Moxi Panther!

by Michelle Check on February 11, 2020

The latest and greatest from Moxi has arrived in the form of the new Moxi Panther Roller Skate! These boots are an exciting addition to the Moxi line with their sleek black suede exterior, padded leopard print liner, and signature leopard print laces. Not only do they deliver on aesthetics, the Panther Skates are a durable, supportive boot offered at a competitive price point. For only $219 USD the Panther provides a versatile skate option for street and park skating with support comparable to its sibling the Beach Bunny.

So what can you expect from a $219 boot? Here’s a quick rundown of just the specs: 

  • Black suede boots (sorry folks, these are NOT vegan!)
  • Curved collar for added comfort
  • Ankle padding
  • Aluminum “Marvel Plate
  • Moxi Beach Bunny Wheels 58mm 78A
  • Riedell’s stock ABEC-5
  • Standard black adjustable to stops
  • Available in size 1-10

Initial thoughts on the Panther are that they’re almost identical in fit and feel to the Moxi Beach Bunny. While the Panther offers a little more padding on the interior of the boot the performance is extremely similar to the Bunny (afterall, they share the same plate and wheels.)

So why skate the Panther over the Beach Bunny? If color isn’t enough to sell you on one set-up over the other, the suede exterior of the Panther provides a step up in quality and durability. Though the vinyl of the Beach Bunnies have their own pros and cons, ultimately the vinyl will show wear and tear more noticeably. The Panther’s suede not only survived our aggressive scuff test, the suede and showed minimal discoloration after being dragged over two feet of concrete. 

While the Panther skate is more than ready to roll straight out of the box, Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop recommends the following upgrades to get the most bang for your buck from this set-up:

  • Wheels- Swap the Moxi Beach Bunny wheels for the Radar Energy 57mm wheels! Radar Energies are a versatile hybrid will with a consistent performance between indoor and outdoor skating
  • Toe Stops- The toe stops on the Panther package are decent stock toe stop however we love the quality and color options from Sure-Grip’s RX Toe Stops or the Chaya Cherry Bombs
  • Y3 Tool- The Panther Skate does NOT come with a skate tool! The Y3 Tool is a great add on to this package which will allow you to adjust your trucks, wheels, and toe stops
by Ellie Kennedy on June 22, 2020

How’s the fit? I have a bit of a wide foot.

by Descinda on June 22, 2020

are these vegan?

by Annika on April 27, 2020

Are these still a thing I haven’t seen them being sold anywhere and if they are please tell me I love them

by Jennifer Vega on April 22, 2020

Love these! I have a feeling I’ll be owning a pair before the summer officially begins. i hope we can go back outside….

by Felicia on April 22, 2020

I know in a previous review video of the Beach Bunny, it was mentioned that the Bunnies are manufactured in China. In the recent review video of the Panther, it was mentioned to ask Riedell about the interior construction of the boot. Does this mean the Panther is made in the USA? Thanks.

by Leon on April 22, 2020

How long are the laces Boy the Panther ?

by Sarah Lockwood on March 10, 2020

Hello! Love love love this new addition to the Moxi family! I was wondering if sliders can be added to the new Moxi Panther skates.


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