*2024* Top 5 Best Skates For Beginners

by Shayna Meikle on February 01, 2024

We love a talented roller skater! But everyone has got to start SOMEWHERE! We know its hard to invest in quality products when trying something new because they're often quite pricey, especially for roller skates! To help y'all out, the team here at Pigeon's has made a list of the TOP 5 best skates in 2024 for beginners. Best part is, they're all under $200! 

5. Moxi Beach Bunny - these skates come in a variety of bright colors. We love the Peach Blanket, Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon because they are $50 cheaper than the Sky Blue and Periwinkle, and the exact same skate! The stiff structure in the boot will give your ankle the support you need to start you out on your skate journey with confidence. The wheels are soft for outdoors but not too large, resulting is less tripping up on your own wheels!

4. Moxi Rainbow Riders - these made it on our Top 5 for 2 main reasons. First is the price! When you bundle the Rainbow Riders with our Pigeon Skate Socks they are incredibly affordable! A jaw dropping $69 for the bundle! Sometimes being affordable is what encourages someone to start skating! The stiffness of the Rainbow Riders are harder than the Beach Bunnies and the ankle and foot area is much wider. Available in 3 colors while supplies last. 

3. Basics Of Happy All Skate - while this brand is not widely known the quality exceeds the price point. Originally set to be closer to $250 the brand decided to drop prices to be more accessible to newer skaters. You see, we all want new skaters to enjoy themselves and part of that is being comfortable! The All Skate come in Green Glitter and has a boot that is shaped proper for a human foot.  

2. Impala Roller Skates - SERIOUSLY, we mean it! These are the 2nd best skates for beginners! They come in a variety of colors which is great because not everyone wants rainbow and pastel and pink. Lots of us want BLACK! Lots of us want Sage Green, want Smokey Grey. The color selection is *chef's kiss*. You may not know it but if a newby LOVES the look of their skates, if the style reminds them of THEIR style, they'll feel more encouraged and more confident on their 8 wheels. Ranging from $50 in our Scratch N Dent section for the colors that are discontinued to about $119 for the newer colors. The only reason they arent number 1 is because their boots are slightly more narrow than most. If your foot is wide, go up 1 size from what our skate size chart recommends. 

1. Jackson Finesse - you rarely see much from this company as they are ice skaters at heart. That being said, ice skaters know how to make a comfortable boot! The Jackson Finesse is the ULTIMATE beginner skate for 3 reasons. 1st is the boot itself. It has the stiffness of the Beach Bunny but the boot shape of the All Skate, which means its sturdy and extremely comfortable. Best of both worlds! 2nd is the wheels. The wheels alone are one of the most high quality outdoor wheel on the market. Consider it a free upgrade. Lastly is the bearings. This package has quality bearings. When I say quality I mean, like their wheels, on their own are some of the most high quality. Consider it a 2nd free upgrade. The price of the wheels and bearings alone ends up being the same as the whole Jackson Finesse package! Ok so theres 4 reasons why this is the best skate for beginners, last is the price! At $129 you CANNOT find something better quality for a beginner skater.

There you have it folks! Our top 5 beginner skates for 2024. If you act now you can take advantage of our free shipping deal.

We wish you many many days of happy skating ahead!

-Pigeon and the team


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