How Should My Protective Gear Fit?

by Caroline Millicent on May 01, 2020

As a general rule, everything in skating should give you a little squeeze at first, kind of like a hug. :)

We want everything to feel like it fits snug, so that way once it's warmed up through use as you exercise wearing it, it'll stretch and mold to the contour of your body just like your skates.

"Snug" means: as tight as possible without being painful or uncomfortable. So no pinching or feeling as if circulation is being cut off... nothing should ever be hurting you when you first get your new pads.

Generally speaking, nothing should slip, move or shake if you lightly pull on it, give it a light tug or move around as you wear it.
Specifically broken down: 

Knee Pads should squeeze but not cut off circulation.  The top velcro tab (usually sits so that someone looking at you can read the text that is usually here stating the brand name) can sit in the middle of the velcro or meet the end. The velcro tab at the back of the leg should fit comfortably attached.

Wrist Guards should feel snug or as if they're a snug feeling glove, without "gapping". The plastic loop or shell loop should sit on the heel of the palm and the velcro fastens should meet their mates either sitting in the middle or meeting the end of the material.

Elbow Pads should give your arms a light squeeze without making them feel like they're losing circulation. Text should face the outside of the top tab so that someone looking at you could read it.

Helmets should at first put a little bit of pressure on your temples but not enough to feel as if you're going to get a headache in the next couple of minutes. It should not move or shift forward when you nod your head yes or no, and shouldn't feel like its moving on top of your head. It should also look like the front-most part of the helmet is sitting in the middle of your forehead. We also, just like skates- strongly recommend trying on a helmet, if you can, in person. Doing a fitting with a professional will ultimately give you the best fit.

Skate safe!