How Do I Change or Put on My Light up Wheels?

by Caroline Millicent on May 01, 2020

Changing your light up wheels is a totally doable and fun skate task to complete at home in a jiffy.

Items you'll need are:

Before we change out your wheels, let's understand the anatomy of our light-up wheels.

Light up wheels have a white, UFO looking magnetic disc called a spacer that sits in the middle of the wheel. It is held there by a magnetic silver strip that sits inside the wheel along a piece called a hub (the white or black hard part of the inside of the wheel which is a different color than the actual urethane of the wheel itself) which, when it makes contact with the spacer, will cause your wheels to light up. These spacers are important folks! If we lose them, our wheels won't light up anymore, so let's make sure to keep tabs on their whereabouts. 

Here are 5 easy steps to change your wheels to your light up wheels:

Step 1: Remove your old wheels from your skates with your skate tool. Whether you choose here to use a shiny new pack of bearings that you just ordered with us, or the old loved ones already in those old wheels, you will need to pop two bearings into each side of your eight light-up wheels. Proper bearing placement here would be performed as if you're making a sandwich.

Step 2: Insert your bearings into each side of the wheel cap side up (caps are the colorful part of the bearing, usual colors for bearing caps are black, red, blue, orange, etc.) with the UFO white spacer sitting in between each of your bearings as the middle of your sandwich. 

Step 3: Press your bearings into your wheels with your bearing puller or bearing press... and you're almost ready to roll!

Step 4: *IMPORTANT*. The important tip that we want to take note of is that WE FLIP OUR AXLE NUTS when we wear this kind of wheel because our UFO spacer is taking up more room on our roller skate axle than normal, non-light-up wheels. If you do not heed this warning you run the risk of losing a wheel in the middle of your next skate sesh, and nobody likes the feeling of watching a wheel shoot out from under their feet mid-stride! When you flip your axle nut from the regular, right side up it looks like it has notches. When you flip it over it looks flat and smooth. This allows for your wheels to sit comfortably on your axle's worry-free. We flip our axle nuts over to the flat and smooth side and tighten our axle nuts onto our skates with our skate tool.

Step 5: We're ready to roll! Take a couple of strides and you'll see your wheels illuminating beautifully. These beauties require pressure and motion (which means that we have to stand up on our skates and take a couple of strides in order for them to light up properly) and might mean that not all four under your foot light up all the time, as we allocate different amounts of pressure to different parts of our feet when we skate. 

Have fun!