We own a Roller Rink?!?!

by Shayna Meikle on February 01, 2024

Right on the beach? With a ton of secured parking? Say less!

Pigeon's Roller Rink in Long Beach was founded September 2021 and has seen over 112,000 individual skaters through its doors since. Open 7 days a week 10a-9p with public sessions, skate classes, themed nights, clinics and DJs. Visit our rink's website here to see our full schedule of events.

It's not often you hear about a roller skate shop opening a roller rink. Actually you don't really hear about ANYONE opening a roller rink now-a-days. If anything we hear about this rink closing and that rink closing. That is why Pigeon's Roller Rink AND Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop are so special. We invest it all back in to our skate community. No shiny mirages, no fancy frills, no exclusivity, no corporate influence and all home made.

At Pigeon's we are all skaters, all family, all self made from the ground up & all motivated to serve our community. Supporting our shop directly contributes back into your skate community and we've proven that we are efficient at doing just that! 

Pigeon's Roller Rink - 6400 Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach CA



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