Get To Know Pigeon 🐦💕

by Olivia Crosby on April 30, 2020

A middle school science teacher from Los Angeles opens a roller skate shop and never looks back! Is it the plot to a major motion picture or just Pigeon’s truth?  She may be modest about the amount of effort it takes to steer this ship but we’re here to set the record straight! Although I’m sure she was voted “life of the party” she should have been voted “most likely to succeed “ because anything she builds or becomes a part of seems to flourish and fortify. Although she studied science and not business I can’t imagine anyone else being the ringmaster of this circus! Her ability to see the best in people, to value and trust their opinions and feelings, this is the type of leadership that makes her the boss we all call a friend. A wife, a mother, a multi-business owner, stay tuned to get to know Pigeon, the Boss Lady we all know and love! 


Name: Shayna/Pigeon

Pronouns: she/her

Sign: Taurus 

Hometown: Harbor City, CA

Favorite color: Yellow

Lucky number: #1

Favorite food: Cucumbers with chili powder, lime, and salt 



Q: How long have you been skating? How did you get started? 

A: I grew up in Southern California where skateboarding culture was heavy. I enjoyed skateboarding for about 5 years in my youth. Once I got a car that part of my life was basically over. On the flip side, I’ve always played team sports! I was even varsity captain of my High School softball team. I missed these aspects of my life when I was a young adult so when I first found roller derby at 21 I knew it was for me! It brought the street skating feel in with the team sport. Literally perfect for me! I founded, am the President of, and skate for Beach Cities Roller Derby out of Long Beach, California. 


Q: What other hobbies/interests do you have outside roller skating? 

A: Science! I was a middle school science teacher before I became a roller skate shop owner. It’s a big part of my life and how I see the world. From nature walks with my daughter to working in my garden with my husband. 


Q: When it comes to rink and park etiquette what rules of the playground do you feel are most important?

A: No grudges allowed! I love taking things that I’ve learned from roller derby and applying it to all areas of skating and life. Most of the time when two people drop in on the same bowl or someone clips someone else at the roller rink it’s really no one’s fault so no need to be nasty!

Q: What is currently on your feet? Got skates?! 

A: So funny you should ask because I just had my favorite pair of Doc Martens mounted on a reactor neo plate and I'm loving it! It hasn’t been long so I’ll get back to you with an update!


Q: What is your favorite signature move or trick? What trick or move do you feel like describes you best or you are the proudest of mastering?

A: Hill Bombing for sure! I went to college in Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!) and that’s where I fell in love with downhill carving. Such a rad way to get around Campus and the city, which was all hills. I’ve taught so many hill bombing classes over the years it’s most definitely my signature move!

Q: Hopes for the skate world? As we grow as a sport, a culture, a community, what do you think is most important to implement? What do you think will set us back or set us up for success?

A:  My hope for the skate world is more respect! I’m not into the cheap thrills, like oversaturated sex appeal or acting like a maniac. I think it’s important that there’s no place a skater does not feel welcome, no skates that aren’t “accepted”, no gatekeepers. Come one come all!

Q: What’s your favorite skate Jam? What gets you moving? Do you have a favorite artist, album, or song? Can we follow your playlist?

A: One that always gets me going is a band called A Day To Remember. If I'm getting tired going up a huge hill the breakdown hits and I always catch a second wind!

Q: Got gear? Who is currently protecting you? What do you love about them?

A: I LOVE my Smith Scab derby knee pads! They’re my favorite! They pack the same punch as a high profile pad but are much thinner! I have mine in pink size XL but they come in lots of other colors! For street skating, I like the Lux Armor Day Saver knee pads that I also wear size XL.


Q: What does skating mean to you and why would you recommend it to others?

A: Freedom and everybody deserve that, dude!

Q: What do you do at Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop?

A: Make sure my people get paid 😎


Q: What’s your favorite part of owning a skate shop? 

A: Making sure things are done right. HA! Not to sound like a control freak but I just wanna make sure things are fair. I hire my employees off their merit. I do business with companies and artists I support. I want every type of skater represented and to feel welcome in my shop. 

by Neo on July 02, 2020

Love love love what you’re doing with your shop and site!! Love all the changes and what you and your team are representing!

by Sofia Alonso on July 02, 2020

Way to go Pigeon! So inspiring! This online store looks beautiful and I wish you the best of luck in this new journey. Gonna browse some stuff for my birthday!

by Quesa Delia on July 02, 2020

Pigeon is such a great inspiration! Thanks for all you do :)

by Turquoise Trotter on May 03, 2020

Omg I love everything about this interview and getting to know the woman who makes it all happen! I’m so inspired by you and you skill and passion for rollerskating and I can’t wait to learn how to hill bomb just like you. Rollerskating saved my life so thank you for paving the way Ms. Pigeon


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