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by Olivia Crosby on May 14, 2020

It’s no wonder Emma’s favorite color is pink, it’s the color she oozes. Bright glowing baby pink energy I tell ya! Always down to take your skate apart, find what you couldn’t, and put it back together. If you could mix a mechanic and a real-life baby doll you’d get an Emma! The amount of times she’s offered me the last fry is a sure sign she’s an angel sent from heaven but don’t get it twisted! This pint-sized cutie packs a punch, skating derby, ramps, and dance she’s what we call a triple threat! When customers ask for her opinion or advice they can tell it’s from the heart and not the textbook. She’s the real deal. 


Name: Emma 

Pronouns: she/her

Sign: Virgo

Hometown: San Pedro, Ca

Favorite color: PINK! Undeniably pink!

Lucky number: 12:34

Favorite food: Fries!




Q: How long have you been skating? How did you get started? 

A: Back in 2014 I was invited to this roller skate dance party called zombie prom! I had so much fun that the next day I looked up roller skating online and found Beach Cities, Pigeon’s roller derby league! I immediately signed up! After playing derby for a while I met some friends who also loved park skating and it was so crazy it was actually a day I was at Peck Park in Pedro skating that I ran into Pigeon and she mentioned that she was looking to hire someone for her new shop and told me that if I knew anyone I should let her know. I was like “yeah I know someone, ME!” 

Q: When it comes to the rink and park etiquette what rules of the playground do you feel are most important?

A: I just wish people could be more mellow. It’s cool when you check out a new spot and everyone there is nice and welcoming instead of territorial and antagonistic. 

Q: What’s currently on your feet? Got skates?! 

A: For dance, I love my Lollies, I have a Reactor Neo plate on those guys with either Roller Bone Elite wheels or Radar Energy depending on the floor’s hardness. I also am currently breaking in my Ridell 336 boot! I have tiny feet so all of my skates have to be custom made.

Q: What is your favorite signature move or trick? What dance trick or move do you feel like describes you best or you are the proudest of mastering?

A: Crazy legs for sure! That took me a minute but is so fun and worth all the practice it took! Also, wraparounds! 

Q: Hopes for the skate world? As we grow as a sport, a culture, a community, what do you think is most important to implement? What do you think will set us back or set us up for success?

A:  I hope that we don't focus on making sure we all call the same trick the same name and instead focus on being a supportive community. Kindness. It won't really take more than that.

Q: What’s your favorite skate jam? What gets you moving? Do you have a favorite artist, album, or song? Can we follow your playlist?

A: That’s tough! I love everything from Etta James to Bad Bunny so I guess it really just depends on what mood I'm in! 

Q: Got gear? Who is currently protecting you? What do you love about them?

A: Above anything else, my S1 retro helmet! I’ve smacked my head enough times with it on to know it's power, I don't drop in without it. 

Q: What does skating mean to you and why would you recommend it to others?

A: Medicine. It helped me grow as a person. Let me learn about myself, learn to listen to my body. I was young but hadn't really stuck with anything yet, roller skating just felt right and everything unfolded so naturally. It was my first real commitment and gave me so much confidence. I can’t imagine my life without it. 

Q: What do you do at Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop?

A: I’m notorious for being down to take anything apart and put it back together. HA! Mechanics are probably my favorite thing I work on. Someone can come in and think their skate is broken and be bummed out and then I replace a small part or adjust its settings and it's all good and they're stoked! 

Q: What’s your favorite part of working in a skate shop? 

A: That fact that every day I know I'm either going to help someone with something small, like buying a pair of laces, or something monumental, like helping someone get fitted for their first pair of skates. I enjoy both. 

Q: What other hobbies/interests do you have outside roller skating? 

A: I love fashion, photography, ART! Playing dress-up with my friends and just having a good time!

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by Katrena Freeman on May 20, 2020

I am so very excite to start skating again. This was a childhood joy of mine. I taught all 3 of my children to skate. My daughters and I have decided to start skating again. YES!!!! I can’t wait to get my skates.
Ladies, I love your videos. So positive and informative.

Indy and Pigeon you are my inspiration to skate again.


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