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by Olivia Crosby on May 03, 2020

Never have I ever met another human who’s love for love is so infectious that you just can’t help but love them for it. Ashley brings a certain warmth wherever she goes that makes others want to follow. Her genuine desire to make everyone feel welcome is both a pleasure to work with and skate with. I know she’s always down to watch a good TED talk and cut it up, lend the latest book she’s read that she thought you’d like, or grab some margaritas and dance the night away. Stay tuned to get to know Ashley De La Rosa.


Name: Ashley De La Rosa
Pronouns: she/her
Sign: Leo
Hometown: San Pedro, Ca
Favorite color: Burnt Orange
Lucky number: #6
Favorite food: RAMEN!!!





Q: How long have you been skating? How did you get started? 

A: My cousin actually showed me! She skated for Beach Cities, Pigeons league! I was 18 and learned to skate in the fresh meat program and was coached by Jacob! (Pigeons husband)


Q: When it comes to rink and/or park etiquette what rules of the playground do you feel are most important? 

A: Really just taking turns and respecting the fact that it’s a common space that all skaters share.

Q: What’s currently on your feet? Got skates?! 

A: Still loving my mismatch Moxi Lolly Neo duo! They’re strawberry & piña and were a gift from Emma! I’m wearing radar energy wheels for outdoors right now but I am looking forward to trying out the Rox wheels for park skating!

Q: What is your favorite signature move or trick? What dance trick or move do you feel like describes you best or you are the proudest of mastering?

A: Carving backwards in a bowl! So freeing! I also just love twerking on my skates, hanging, and havin’ a good time!

Q: Hopes for the skate world? As we grow as a sport, a culture, a community, what do you think is most important to implement? What do you think will set us back or set us up for success?

A:  Respect all individuals both on and off skates. Only respecting skater or just your friends isn’t going to build a strong community and that’s the goal. Enjoy it for what it is, FUN! No pressure, it’s not all for the gram! Skate with people who support you! Cheer you on! Those aren’t just skaters, those are your friends. 

Q: What’s your favorite skate Jam? What gets you moving? Do you have a favorite artist, album, or song? Can we follow your playlist?

A: Reggaetón! All the time, anytime! Bad Bunny is my favorite! His new album stays on repeat! I love making playlists and I’ve made a few for the shop that is fun to skate to, if you have Spotify you can follow my playlist “Las Chicas Superpoderosas“

Q: Got gear? Who is currently protecting you? What do you love about them?

A: I’m a big fan of my S1 retro helmet, It’s saved myself from so many concussions no doubt! I also highly recommend the smith scab derby knee pads, they have a butterfly strap that makes them so easy to put on that I never have an excuse to not!

Q: What does skating mean to you and why would you recommend it to others?

A: It’s just a really freeing feeling. It’s empowering. I’m grateful for my body and its ability to move in that way. 

Q: What do you do at Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop?

A:  I help customers figure out what products would be best for them based on their unique skate goals!

Q: What’s your favorite part of working in a skate shop? 

A: Sharing all the awesome product knowledge that I’ve acquired! Helping people be able to find what’s best for them!

Q: What other hobbies/interests do you have outside roller skating? 

A: I love painting, going camping with friends, having drinks with my friends, throwing bedroom dance parties, and I’ve always got my head in a book! 


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by Wendy on May 04, 2020

Hi Ashley you responded my email. My roller skates arrive on June. I’m excited and eager for it to arrive. Thanks. 😊
Good story 👍🏽


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