Teal Purple Swirl Leash (With Ring)
Teal Purple Swirl Leash (With Ring)
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Teal Purple Swirl Leash (With Ring)

An easy way to carry your skates! Just slip the opening over your front wheels and toe stop for a secure over the shoulder way to tote your skates and lighten your bag. Plus, it's much better for your skates to air out instead of suffocating in that stinky damp skate bag, no rusty bearings! Made from nylon and with an adjustable opening, it slips easily over your wheels and slides into place, no runaway skates here. It's stitched to hold up under all types of wear and abuse.
  • 3 ft long
  • Handmade by Hungry Rhino Studios
  • Added ring to hook an item like: helmet, keys, water bottle, speaker!