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New Disco Bearings - PURPLE/GOLD

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The New Disco Bearing 

TNEC introduces the lingerie of bearings. Not everyone can see it, but you know what you have underneath those wheels and it makes you feel good! And for those special few you do let close enough to catch a glimpse...Baby boi its on! 

  • 16 pack good for 8 wheels 
  • ABEC 9 rating 
  • Gold plated titanium construction for durability
  • Bearing spacer included


Golden Plated Smoothness

Titanium has a much higher strength to weight ratio than a traditional steal bearing. 

The combination of light weight titanium and ABEC 9 speed creates an unbeatable smooth riding experience


Top of the line Durability


  • Titanium construction
  • Double sealed for better dust protection
  • Gold plated for rust protection (and fashion)